Family Quest

Session 1

The Start of Something New


  • Players met and received a quest from Sildar Hallwinter and Gundren Rockseeker- Escort a cart of provisions to the town of Phandalin
  • Players agreed to escort the cart while Sildar and Gundren went ahead

Triboar Trail

  • Players encountered 2 dead horses and found that they belonged to Sildar and Gundren
  • Players were ambushed by goblins and learned the location of Cragmaw hideout, where
    Sildar was in “The eating cave”
  • Players also learned that Gundren and his map were delivered to King Grol- but they do not know where

Cragmaw Hideout

  • Players fought goblins and wolves to rescue Sildar Hallwinter, who urged them to kill Klarg, the leader of Cragmaw Hideout.
  • Players fought Klarg and killed his wolf, Ripper, before Klarg escaped through a chimney.


  • Players arrived in Phandalin and slept at the Stonehill Inn


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